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Devon Mission Heritage
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Who We Are:

The Devon Mission Heritage started in 2011 with five people.  They are the core group consisting of Fred Madrigga, Val Miron, Johanna McLaughlin, Maureen Maciesza, and Remi Rheault.

This group is not like the original Devon Mission of 1840. We are an independent heritage group, made up of people that love history, and truth of the larger picture of years past. As an Independent group we are not legislated by any Government, Church, or Elders'.  Our information and research is done by individuals and must be substantiated. Should you be interested in assisting us please

We are funded primarily by individuals, with some grant applications. If you wish to support this group it can be done from the "Donate Now" button. This funding is used to continue our work. 

Our Purpose:

To be all inclusive in our research of the History of the Devon Mission of 1840.  To locate, preserve, and digitize its history from its consception, to its present day. The other items we do is to restore any historicial items or artifacts found during our research to preserve them for display and teaching of the History. We also want to save, share, and preserve as many events from the past, as possible.

Our Goals:

To find the truth of the past, to dicover how the decisions of all our ancestors effect us to this day.  To adjust any discrepancies, that may arise as history comes to us in many ways; Oral (all cultures), Drawings, Written, Recorded (Sounds), stories, and legends. 

Our Vision Statement:

To restore and preserve all of the History of the Devon Mission of 1840. From the time that it was conceived to form a Northern Mission in Rupert's Land.  Focusing on the overall History and not just on one specific person or time. This would include its previous historical names, such as; Cumberland Mission, and Le Pas Mission. From the Red River Settlement, covering all aspects of life and people, their Journey, and stories to our present day.


Our Method:

To go after the "Full History", it is best to break it down into 4 sections; not to segregate/seperate, but to make it possible for equality to all.  There is much in our past based on culture, and lack of acknowledgement to many people, that were part of that history. We must also acknowledge that there are 3 types or genres of History; Good History, Bad History, and Ugly History. The one thing they all have in common is that it is History. The method being used can allow history to be a tool of our own discovery and healing.


Our Four Sections:

- This section is mostly, about the area within the 'original boundries of the Devon Mission of 1840.

-  This section is split into several other sub-pages, which can be accessed from the tab, dropdown menu.


- This section covers the History of the Anglican Church, Their teaching and their growth within the boundraies as above.

-  This section is split into several other sub-pages, which can be accessed from the tab, dropdown menu


- This section is the History of the Traditional Teaching of the Indigenous people within those same boundaries.

-  This section is split into several other sub-pages, which can be accessed from the tab, dropdown menu

A New Journey: 

- This section is the path we are now on.  It is about sharing , learning, teaching and comparisions of Cultures and History (when fully completed) equally.

- A new Journey of "Walking Together" with respect and understanding. This started during the 175th Anniversary Celebrations of Devon Mission 1840 Themed 'Springs of Tradition, Rivers of Hope' on April 1st to 3rd 2016.

-  This section is also split into several other sub-pages, which can be accessed from the tab, dropdown menu, that explains how we are fulfilling our Vision and Goals.